Joshua Tree National Park

Our vacations in the past few years have been centered heavily around National Parks because I have been on a crusade to visit (and hopefully camp in) all of them. It’s a slow crusade considering I’ve only been able to visit one to two a year and there are 59 of them, but it’s one that I hope to continue as our family ages. :)

Here’s a few shots of our visit to Joshua Tree.


my botched attempt at star trails. I didn’t set something properly so SOOC, this photo looked like daylight. even with some photo editing, it couldn’t be saved. 29642375495_f400e26ba2_b

I tried again, but got tired of waiting and decided sleep was more important.29016219704_527f2f9df7_b

3 hours later, we woke up to watch the sunrise. 29351795080_89e5a4b79f_b29560950321_e3ef0e0ed4_b29016216064_62b009152e_b29351791700_23f810c58c_b29016213054_19418e873c_b

I found a family of joshua trees. 29016214984_553a484d03_b

Our little neighborhood. We slept without the fly cover and it was glorious.29016213544_736bba9760_b29016213924_5326c0697b_b29016212204_15e25d881c_b

They’re like palm trees but from Dr. Seuss. 29620454142_c4394931a6_b29016210924_0f8789e561_b

my lovely friend Jenn. 29696182096_c5f7d60389_b

The rest of the photos are of food. First things first. not pictured: spicy little peppers. 29696185626_36143ee3f9_b

maple bacon donuts & beignets29696185256_f815d25b16_b29696184696_e8b6493aa2_b

Poke bar! Like Chipotle but with ASIAN THINGS! AND NO CILANTRO! 29620455132_c5656be68d_b

The best meal of my life. No naengmyun will ever compare… 29620451362_c0c7544d6c_b

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