Haiti 2015

I got to go on a medical mission trip w/ my nursing school in November of last year. It was not really what I expected in a medical mission trip, but it was eye-opening nonetheless. The nice thing about this trip is that while the same students don’t go every year, a new group of students do go each year, and they implement new things based on the feedback from previous trips. Though the work I did didn’t feel too substantial, from a big picture perspective, change is happening or will eventually happen. The seeds have been planted, and though the ground is a bit rocky, we are hoping and waiting for the seeds to sprout!

Here are a few photos from the trip – mostly of the scenery. Haiti1I can’t help myself with plane over water photos, especially when the ocean looks like it’s glowing.

The neighborhood near the school where our clinic was held was so colorful. These homes were built by USAID in partnership w/ Sae-A (the textile manufacturing company that sponsored us).

The line outside the clinic– it snaked through the entire campus. I don’t remember the number of people we saw, but I think it was around… 2000? I’m totally making that number up. I even glanced through the 19-page paper we had to write after this trip, and couldn’t find a number.

Our compound/dorms, provided by Sae-A. There was air conditioning and running water…. it was luxurious.

A neighborhood in Caracol

Haiti has a pretty terrible trash problem…as in, trash disposal does not exist.

On our one off day, we got totally swarmed by the locals (NBD), and then we hiked/horseback rode up this tiny path on horses to this place called the Citadel. Overall… it was horrifying.

My horse, whose name I don’t remember.

The view at the top

The view at the bottom. Meehhh.

After the citadel, we drove to the coast and relaxed for a hot second. On the way back, we got a glimpse of beautiful Cap-Haitien.

Though the trip was not what I expected, I definitely look forward to when I can go on medical missions again… which will probably be in about 5-15 years.. hehe.

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