2015 [in review]

2015 was saturated with babies, but there wasn’t enough time to spend with all of them (it’s not fair!)!

Big things that happened in 2015:

  • went snowboarding with lovely friends at Snowshoe [january]
  • a blur of school happened between february and july
  • survived a half marathon in humid, summer weather with my favorite Andrea [july]
  • traveled to the Pacific NW and all its glory [august]
  • started working as a clinical tech and got pretty decent at poking people with needles [august]
  • experienced night shifts (the horror!) [september/october]
  • went to Haiti on medical missions [november]
  • graduated nursing school! [december]

I managed to capture a moderate amount of cuteness in between a lot of studying of things that are not cute at all. For 2015, I present this overload of cuteness:

zachary, 1 month [jan]

baby ian & brother noah [feb]

borami & bobby (& madison) [feb]

austin & 2.5-month old twinsies [feb]

my favorite photo of elise & jenny [march]

jeni & jia [apr]

jess & brian engagement <3 [apr]

sweet naomi and her lovely parents [apr]

christine & christiana [may]

8 month old charlie, who sometimes moves too fast [may]

little enoch [july]

Pacific NW [aug]

philip & lydia [sept]

lim family [oct]

itsy bitsy william [oct]

benjamin, slightly bigger william, & madelyn [nov]

File Jan 04, 23 09 15cap-haitien, haiti [nov]

headbands & outfits on pointë faye [nov]

almost year old twinsies [nov]

adorable year+ old charlie [nov]

smiley & dimply 8 month old madison [nov]

the ever-photogenic yoo family [nov]

the twinsies dohl – 2015.12.5

the yi (J Crew) family [dec]

Thank you to all my friends and friends of friends who have made this past year so lovely. A special thanks to all the babies born – I couldn’t have done it without you guys, hehe. I’m very behind on updating this blog, but I will get to it soonsies. In the mean time, a blast to many pasts:

2014 [in review]
2013 [in review]
2012 [in review]

And lastly, a quote:

“No one wins anything without help from family & friends who steer you away from bad ideas and toward good ones. Because anytime anyone accomplishes anything, he or she achieves it with the help of a thousand silent heroes–the selfless team players who offer their support, not to be recognized, but because it’s the right thing to do.” – Modern Family

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