Feed Your Foodie Photo Shoot

There’s a lot of things I admire about my BFF Courtney, but one of her many great traits is her dedication to good, tasty food. She cooks clean (and delicious) meals at home, but embraces the chance at an amazing local eat as well. She introduced me to Sylvanaqua, a local farm near Charlottesville that strives for sustainable farming, and I’ve been hooked on their farm fresh eggs for the past few months. Lately they’ve been posting pictures of pigs on their instagram and I kiiind of can’t wait for the bacon to happen. But I digress..

If you’re in need of FYF-approved local food recommendations, or need some inspiration for healthy and delicious recipes, look no further than Feed Your Foodie! Be sure to read about why she started FYF, and if you love freshly roasted beans and a well done pourover like I do, also check out her top coffee shop picks in NoVa!

Without further ado:


Soft-boiled eggies with sliced avocado and some fancy meat that I cannot pronounce. It melted in my mouth, in case you were wondering. I’m sure you were.

Mexican bunless (yay gluten-free) burgers topped with pineapple, bacon, and guacamole

2Beautifully paired with wine and also a manly man

A spanish omelet and an adorable model

Parsley lime wild shramp salad with lime vinaigrette

3Organic fruit salad with mint | Chewy dark chocolate chunk cookies with sea salt, aka the khookie FYF makes every week

Now topped with dairy-free coconut ice cream and some sort of magical shell

I encourage you to follow her on Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook! Be prepared to drool!

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