baby shayna

I think I’ve known Nancy since 2007 or 2008, when we started working together. In my second year, Nancy sat behind me, which was probably a mistake, because I asked her *sooo* many questions. She helped me out a lot, maybe because she was my senior, but also because she’s just really helpful and nice. When she left the company, I was a little sad… but we continued to meet outside of work, and I grew to appreciate our friendship more outside of work. It was no longer about “omg please help me, this customer is such a butthead” or “what in the world is this issue?” but rather, “tell me how your life has been” and “congratulations on your MBA and child!!!!”.

I’m so happy for your growing family, and can’t wait to see Shayna again!

oh yes. this happened. I am not ashamed to have been part of it. shayna, should you see this sometime when you grow up… i am not sorry. also it was all your mom’s idea ;P



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