karis boheme photoshoot

There are many times in an only-child’s life where you wish you had a sibling. When I met Karis, I wished she was the sister I never had. There’s something just so sweet about her, you kind of just want to spend time with her, be around her, absorb her spunk and quirk fun. The extreme loyalty she has to her brother is exactly what makes me want her to be MY sister.. if that makes any sense. If I were just 20-21 years younger, I think we’d be best friends. Haha. To my favorite now-8-year-old friend, I hope you have a scrumptrulescent birthday!

Here are a few photos from a long overdue boheme shoot, featuring the most boheme girl I know:


And to close, a couple of Saras + her mini-me <3


Excited for the next one… where we incorporate a horse and perhaps a flower crown :)

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