NYC Gastro Tour 2014

I went on a gastro tour [trip dedicated to eating all of NY] recently with a few of friends who knew their way around the city. So… here is a visual representation of that weekend:

First stop: momofuku ssam bar. J & my first time. Oh mylanta.


Pork buns. YES. Get them.

We reserved the bo ssäm, and it was the most flavorful, succulent pork shoulder I’ve ever had. I would go back for more. Or maybe try to make it at home…


LOOK AT ET. 9 lbs for 6 people. We ate too much. I had a 2nd trimester food baby the entire trip.

But wait, there’s more. [milk bar]

We ended up getting the greatest hits, but I think the cereal milk w/ crunch and the crack pie were our favorites. I found the bday truffle to be too sweet and of a strange texture, and the compost cookie was just ok.


You can make the crack pie at home!

Next day: we woke up at 5:50 to wait in line for le cronuts. PS. They open at 8. As Doo said… “tourists” [dominique ansel bakery]

Line is not bad at 6:30. PS, you can hire people to wait in line!

We were in the first wave to get in.


The best thing @ DA was the DKA. Seriously. Imagine a crunchy, caramelized croissant.


The meh cronut. In all fairness, this particular flavor (their flavors change each month) was too sweet. The layers encased strawberry balsamic (jam?) and mascarpone, and was rolled in sugar, frosted, and then had a sprinkling of basil sugar on top. Too much sugar! I think it would have been better if the donut was warm. And less sweet.

Where them wizards at?


The coffee of my dreams [stumptown]

Our hipster barista and his trusty cold brew tap


My favorite flower! (and a fern)



Lunch: [Shanghai Cafe] Pretty good soup dumplings.


zha jiang mian

There was some shopping and a lot of walking done that day. We walked about 1o miles, so to celebrate… more food: the obligatory Halal Guys (and a transformer cube). PS. THG just opened a B&M in east village yesterday!


Doo made us watch 3? episodes of Fresh Off the Boat (part 1 here, but you can find the links to part 2 & 3 in that link as well) so in his honor, we stopped by BaoHaus for some porky buns. Deliciously authentic tasting. No cilantro on the left.


Next day: walking around East Village. There’s a boat on this building! But why! And that girl is wearing a panda head!


Lunch at Cafe Habana for some kern & cuban eats



There was a Rainbow store 4-ish stores down from Cafe Habana, so I finally replaced my 5-6 year old rainbows and was astonished to find that my shoes used to be a very light brown color (in the past 5 years, they have turned a nice tan shade of dark brown). Some people leave behind their old shoes.

Bears hanging from the power lines is apparently some form of art.


Before we headed out of the city, we stopped by my favorite place again :)


And then went off to NJ to give it a chance… haha.

Doo & Edwin’s favorite? pizza place [in NJ] (because Doo says Queens is best) [donna pizza]


Japanese snackies, a llama, and an adorable totoro bag which i resisted


Oh you fancy, NJ. Or should I say, “West NY”.

Next NY trip: Queens & Long Island!

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