Maine 2014

For our 3 year anniversary, J and I decided to go to Portland, the less hipster one in Maine. J had gone there for his friend’s bachelor’s party, and knew that I would love the town.

We arrived in Portland around lunchtime, and our original plan was to stop by Bite Into Maine, which was J’s favorite spot for lobster rolls in all of Portland. Unfortunately, they weren’t open on Wednesday, so we ended up going into downtown Portland, and stopped by Public Market House because it sounded fun. The food was ok, but nothing to write home about.

We walked around downtown a bit, stopping by a few cute shops along the way, and went to our hotel to take a nap. Because that’s what we do on vacations. :)

After a glorious 3? hour nap, we headed to Eventide, where we greedily devoured 2.5 dozen oysters. Lord knows I could have done more, but these oysters aren’t free.

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And a lobster roll. or “lobster roll”. Hipster “lobster roll”.

We called it a day, and after a good night’s rest, we started our next day at Two Lights Park. What a gorgeous day for some waterfront nature!


Portland has a lot of these rocks that look conveniently like wood.

FYI. Algae-coated rocks … are very slippery. Also, you should wear shoes with traction when you attempt to walk on them. Maybe just don’t walk on them.

I tried to get closer to this bird.

And then I slipped on some algae and got myself some algae-distressed jeans. And also ran my foot into some barnacles. There was blood. I won’t show you. But I did lose something, and J went to save it for me. PS: it wasn’t my toe.

But he wasn’t mad, see?

After Two Lights, we went down the street to Lobster Shack and waited 20 minutes for it to open. In the meantime, I found the letter B.

I think this is J’s picture of me capturing the letter B.

And some other naturey things.


We also found this awkward chair.


And some other things.

But finally, they opened. And the decor was like Cracker Barrel on steroids.


I lose track of what we did after eating the lobster roll, but the next picture I have is more food. We went to Fishermen’s Grill on a recommendation from a friend. They say things like “chowdah” and “lobstah”. This guy is the owner. and also does everything, including take orders and make all the food.

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We ordered two ridiculous portions of fried clams, shramp, scallops, and haddock, and a cup of chowder. But you really can’t tell anything apart because errything is a golden fried-colored. And delicious. And totally filled with wheat. I used hydrocortisone. Don’t you worry. But let’s get back to the food. J and I haven’t eaten this much deep-fried food in a while since we’ve been eating healthier, and also we probably should have only ordered 1, but unless you’ve measured your food in pints, it’s hard to tell what half a pint of fried clams will be. So we over-ordered, and couldn’t finish our food. But anyway, if you like battered and fried seafood and you’re in Portland, you should definitely stop by here. Just don’t order as much as we did. It’s probably not good for you.

After eating way too much, we headed up to Freeport, where we partook in a bit of outlet shopping. Because that’s what we do. We go outlet shopping. :P Honestly, I just wanted to register steps for my Fitbit, but I also found a rain jacket and a furry jacket at The North Face outlet on some sort of outrageous sale.

After walking around and shopping, we went to Dimillo’s, which is a very touristy seafood restaurant. The food was ok. I was expecting it to look and feel more like the Titanic, but I have high expectations. It wasn’t worth taking a picture of, but what I did take a picture of (on my phone) was Doo’s favorite ship.

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The next day, we drove around to a few shops, namely: The Honey Exchange (where you can taste-test different raw honey samples from different locations in America from bees that pollinated different types of flowers (I got a Northeast Blueberry, but there was also a Maine Wild Blueberry, and a New Jersey Cranberry.. and others I can’t remember)), Coastal Maine Popcorn (where they have about 20? different flavors of popcorn. I loved the salt & vinegar, thought the roasted garlic wasn’t flavorful enough, and felt the chocolate caramel and sea salt was a bit rich. Jeff enjoyed the “butter” flavored popcorn…), and a potato donut shop called The Holy Donut. I opted for the lemon glazed gluten-free donut (below) because this trip has been nothing but wheat and gluten, but took a bite of Jeff’s maple donut, which was sew delicious (it was the maple glaze, not the fact that it had gluten).

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Oh we also found a lovely coffee shop called Bard Coffee. I normally go for Ethiopia, but I needed caffeine (because like a child, I had fallen asleep in the car almost every time), so I ordered the Kenya Ruarai. And they misunderstood and gave me the Natural Kenya. Oh well. They use a Kalita Wave Dripper, which produces a bolder cup than the Hario v60 that I normally use. Still delicious, and nice and warm considering Maine is actually kind of chilly at this time of year (~55-60). (I wore a down coat for almost the whole trip)

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Photo May 09, 12 01 17
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Afterward, we finally headed to Bite Into Maine! Sew delicious!

A Picnic (coleslaw, hot butter, dash of celery salt) on the left, and a Connecticut (just some hot butter) on the right. You guys. A buttered and toasted bun is everything that makes a lobster roll a lobster roll. That first “lobster roll” I ate… I don’t even know what that was. The only difference [that I could tell] between this one and the one from the Lobster Shack was the toppings–J and I agree, we like butter vs mayo on a lobster roll. But as for me, the slaw added a nice ‘vegetable’ aspect. Let’s pretend it was vegetables.

Bite Into Maine is tucked inside Fort Williams Park, which is a pretty cool park with a cute little lighthouse and a really creepy fort(s?). I did not take pictures of the fort(s) due to their creepy nature, but I took plenty of the lighthouse.

And some of the beach with the fake wood rocks:

And found a pipe which we mistook for a waterfall from far away. It was not a waterfall. And it was also growing a crazy beard of algae.


The eye is looking at me.


And then J took a picture of my crazy, wind-swept baby hair. And my very red ear. It was cold.

Until our next travels!

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