jose & isa & toby fam [va]

I met Jose, Isa, & Toby through Sonia, who wanted to her friends to have a photo session with their adorable doggie, Toby.  Friends, basset hounds are such sweet dogs. Toby is the first basset hound I’ve met in person, so I have a sample size of 1, but I’m sure any basset hound that looks like Toby surely acts like Toby as well (which is sweet and calm). Jose & I actually work together (same company) but have never really met (large-ish company?), but it was so nice to meet the two of them. You guys are so lovely together! (and you are such naturals at being photogenic!)

unamused toby has big ears

toby is a fan of kisses


it looks like his tongue is out, but it’s just his ear

hound mode

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