tim + nicole engagement [alexandria, va]

These guys… they’re so cute. Though Tim and I had gone to the same church for a couple years, I don’t think I met him until he became our small group leader. I think Tim started to date Nicole during his time as our leader, and it was cool getting to know her. A few months later, Tim announced that he would be going to a different church with Nicole, and we were sad to lose him, but excited for his new journeys with Nicole. A few months after that, they announced they would be getting married! Even though they had the most awesomest winter shoot with The Paul, and I know they had to have been so so busy, I’m really thankful that we could do this after 2 (was it 3?) reschedules due to rain. They went for a casual, modern, let’s-get-married-in-a-barn look. I think they pulled it off pretty well ;)

They just got married this past weekend, and though I couldn’t go, I’m soo happy for you guys, and can’t wait to see you guys! Have fun on your honeymoon!


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